Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dirty Watters In Fux's Sewer

Proving that the turd doesn't fall far from the orifice, Bill "O'Lielly" O'Reilly protégé Jesse "Dirty" Watters abruptly announced he was going on a brief "vacation," just three days into his new gig as a Fux Network host, in the wake of the sexual remark he made about Princess Ivanka Trump's way of handling a microphone. The on-air remark came seconds after Dirty Watters attacked "liberals" for booing Trump's comments at Berlin's W20 conference defending her father's misogyny.  Dirty Watters was O'Lielly's nasty roving henchman, ambush interviewing everyone from Bill Moyers to Jesse Jackson to progressive reporter Amanda Terkel to homeless people. As we said, a turd. What next, Sean Hanni...oh right.

The misogynist culture at Fux continues without reflection or reform. As some on Twitter noted:

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