Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fox Cons Its Rubes With Half-Assed Tweets

Oh, Fox "News"!  You're so transparently deceitful and malicious, but you do treat your knuckle- dragging viewers with the contempt they deserve. For example, the sentient reader will notice something off with this Fox "News" tweet:

Hahahano. Apparently, the Great (Bush) Recession and 75 months of economic growth under Obama have disappeared down Fox's convenient memory hole. Here's the real picture:

Not content with one Big Lie, there are several more equally dishonest tweets comparing the records of presidents Clinton through Trump.

Whether Bill "O'Liely" O'Reilly and Roger Ailes are there or not, Fox "News" will continue to be a primary outlet for the increasingly unhinged, vicious, polarizing politics practiced by Republicans since the network's inception in 1996. In recent years, it's been the tail wagging the dog (dingo?), often setting the terms of the political debate as far right as possible, constructing lies and narratives based on Republican "talking points."

They know their demographic, though, which is why inane attempts at (ahem) whitewashing the economic track records of Republican presidents will be swallowed and digested (with a little Metamucil) without a second thought by their credulous followers.

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