Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keeping Track Of The Awfulness

As we noted the other day, it's an exhausting chore to keep up with the evil, incompetence and corruption of the Republican regime headed by unfit neo- fascist Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump. But every day brings another horror, another step down into the darkness. Just for starters:

-- The zombie Republican tax cut for the wealthy/ throw people off health insurance bill may be back in new, even worse form.

--  Son of the Confederacy and Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has decided he wants a review of federal consent decrees with troubled =cough= racist =cough= police departments, sending a signal that the Rump regime will have the back of rogue cops and police departments.

-- Yesterday, Rump signed into law the Republican bill that allows ISPs to sell your browsing history, payback for campaign contributions.

-- The Rump regime is withdrawing funding from the UN's Population Fund because it "supports, or participates in the management of, a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization." Or you could say the fund helps promote maternal health and child care in 150 countries.  But, if you can punch a woman, not to mention one in a foreign country, that's a bonus to these shitgibbons.

--  Then, there's the photo op intending to show Rump as a generous man of his word who donated part of his salary to the National Park Service, which left at least one person impressed only by the hypocrisy of the moment (h/t Tengrain at MPS):

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