Monday, April 17, 2017

Something To Hide

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing taxes (or an extention), and sociopath and Putin loyalist Donald "Rump" Trump will again to refuse to release his for the public, breaking four decades of Presidential precedent. His most recent refrain is that the public doesn't care and they voted for him anyway, even though a Global Strategies poll conducted April 5 - 9 indicted that 80% of Americans want Rump to release his tax returns, including 64% of Republicans.

Until recently, he's claimed that since the IRS is auditing his previous years' tax returns, he can't release them, a lie because the IRS has stated that there's nothing preventing him from releasing his taxes, audit or no audit. He's not able to use that dodge with his 2016 tax returns, since they're not under audit.

What's in Rump's tax returns that he's so willing to buck overwhelming public opinion? Loans and investments from Russian oligarchs or Chinese banks? Continued financial connections with mobbed-up individuals or companies? Creative bookkeeping to hide his income? Likely yes, yes, and yes, and more. Whether he gives to charity (himself probably through self-dealing foundations) or not would only be a further affirmation of his narcissism, greed and lack of empathy, so that's not it. He's hiding something that could cripple his hold on power. That's why we need disclosure and why he won't give it.

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