Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Trumpanov Dynasty: UN Edition

We've noted before that the White (Supremacist) House of neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump resembles the Czarist Romanov family of Russia before the revolution. The self-enrichment, the blatant nepotism and the entitlement are all there in full view. There doesn't seem to be a meeting with foreign leaders or corporate heads that Rump daughter/de-facto First Lady Ivanka and her husband Jared "Mr. Ivanka Trump" Kushner aren't present at. Yesterday, Rump had the ambassadors of the current UN Security Council to the White (Supremacist) House for lunch, where he gracelessly threatened them about "reform." Note in the picture that Ivanka is seated at the table with the foreign ambassadors (blond in right foreground). Several seats to her left, but cropped out of this shot, is hubby Jared, man of many portfolios and few accomplishments.

Photo: Susan Walsh, AP

Adding to the awkwardness, Rump, in his usual boorish style, asked the ambassadors whether they liked UN Ambassador Nicky Haley, and before they responded said, "she could be easily replaced" if they didn't. Hardy har, such wit! What it actually revealed is Rump's insecurity about not only women in positions of power, but about anyone in his administration who is getting more positive attention than he is. That's his pathological narcissism at play.

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