Sunday, April 9, 2017

You Got That Right!

Unlike our puerile media, guess who wasn't impressed by Giant Toddler Donald "Rump" Trump's cruise missile strike on empty fortified hangars in Syria:
With President Xi Jinping safely out of the United States and no longer President Trump’s guest, China’s state-run media on Saturday was free to denounce the missile strike on Syria, which the American president told Mr. Xi about while they were finishing dinner. 
Xinhua, the state news agency, on Saturday called the strike the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles. In an analysis, Xinhua also said Mr. Trump had ordered the strike to distance himself from Syria’s backers in Moscow, to overcome accusations that he was “pro-Russia.”
Ouch! And he thought he made such a good impression. Let's all hope when Rump finds out about this he doesn't start lobbing Tomahawk missiles into Beijing.

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