Monday, April 3, 2017

Young Master Jared's War Games

As if Jared "Mr. Ivanka Trump" Kushner's plate wasn't full enough with solving the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, taking the lead on issues with China, deconstructing reorganizing the Federal government, etc. etc., the boy wonder is reported to have flown off to Iraq, with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford.

Undoubtedly, Master Jared will apply his vast military and diplomatic knowledge to assess the situation there and advise his incompetent and paranoid father-in-law, Donald "Rump" Trump. The official reason provided for his impromptu visit was for Master Jared,
" express the president's support and commitment to the Government of Iraq and U.S. personnel currently engaged in the campaign."
We're doubtful that the "U.S. personnel" in uniform will be cheered by Master Jared's presence, with many wondering why the healthy young man, active as he is, never troubled himself to enlist in the armed forces in which they serve. As for the Government of Iraq, we're sure their leaders are thrilled with Rump's virulently anti-Muslim rhetoric and travel ban.

The overarching issue is the banana republic-style pattern exemplified by Rump's insertion of his daughter and son-in-law in government affairs for which they have absolutely no experience or talent. Anti-nepotism laws exist because hiring family for government positions undermines public faith that the best person for the job is being hired. Rump's corrupt Presidency is looking more and more like a family business being run out of Government office space (and that's not even considering his multiple, continued promotional trips to his Trump-branded properties).

BONUS:  Steve Benen writes about how Master Jared's lack of experience and demonstrated skills could cause some serious problems, especially in his dealings with the Chinese.


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