Monday, May 1, 2017

Lie, Bluff, Lie, Bluff

Well, we have our own thoughts about this:
President Trump gave a lengthy interview Sunday morning to CBS’ John Dickerson about the Republicans’ health care plan. 
His responses to basic questions — like what provisions the bill includes or how it would change the health insurance system — suggest he either doesn’t understand how the American Health Care Act works, or doesn’t want to tell the truth about it. (our emphasis)
It's not necessarily either/ or, is it? How about "both."

Why would one expect a lazy, stupid person like neo- fascist dimwit Donald "Rump" Trump to bother with the details in his and his party's signature proposal? What changed that would lead one to believe this raging, malevolent narcissist is any different now that he has been his whole privileged, cosseted life? Of course he doesn't know (or particularly care) what's in TrumpCare, as long as something makes it to his tiny desk so he can sign it with his tiny hands and hold it up to the cameras with that doltish, smug smirk on his face!

He will always be what he is, and he will always do what he does, which is lie, bluff, lie, bluff. Or, more succinctly:

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