Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Preparing To Deal With A Child": Trump's Trip Abroad

As neo-fascist obstructor of justice Donald "Rump" Trump prepares for his first international trip tomorrow, foreign officials are nervous about how to handle the unstable, ignorant and reckless Rump. He's already embarrassed the hosts of one country on his itinerary, namely Israel, over his bragging disclosure of highly classified intelligence to Russia that their crack intelligence agency Mossad provided to the U.S.  Israeli intelligence officials are "gravely concerned" by Rump's careless breach of confidence, while the Rethuglican-friendly Likud government is trying to downplay the betrayal. And that's not including the White House-stoked kerfuffle over whether the Western Wall is a part of Israel.

He's also meeting with NATO leaders presumably to reassure them after his multiple claims during the 2016 campaign and beyond that NATO was "obsolete" and that members needed to pay up for their defense costs (Rump apparently sees the relationship as a Mafia-style protection racket). Since Rump lacks the intellectual power to grasp many of the nuances to be discussed, officials preparing for the NATO summit of 28 member heads of state are deliberately shortening and "dumbing down" the sessions to address Rump's extremely short attention span. Also, given his fealty toward Moscow, the officials are dispensing with the traditional declaration at the end of the meeting for fear that Rump won't like it if it's too critical of the Kremlin. One observer familiar with the preparations said:
It’s kind of ridiculous how they are preparing to deal with Trump. It’s like they’re preparing to deal with a child — someone with a short attention span and mood who has no knowledge of NATO, no interest in in-depth policy issues, nothing. They’re freaking out.” (emphasis added)
All of which absolutely delights autocratic thug Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin, who has the child-like leader of his main adversary under control, even if we don't.

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