Thursday, June 22, 2017

Intel Chiefs: Trump Wanted Us To Refute Collusion Charge

When Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Director of the National Security Agency Admiral Mike Rogers testified earlier this month before the Senate Intelligence Committee, they made news by declining to describe their conversations with Putin loyalist and demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump as to whether they were asked by Rump to publicly declare there was no collusion with Russia. Now, it's being reported that, in closed testimony before the Senate investigators and Special Counsel Mueller, both Coats and Rogers have acknowledged that Rump "suggested" that they speak out against the collusion charge publicly. That information confirms a pattern of behavior by Rump, most notably toward former FBI Director Comey, to misdirect or derail the investigation into his and his campaigns dealings with Russia. It certainly bolsters the credibility of Comey's testimony that Rump told him that he "hoped" Comey would drop the investigation into disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking into obstruction of justice by Rump focused on Rump's conversations about the investigation with Comey, and now, Coats and Rogers.

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