Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meanwhile, In The UK [UPDATED]

The UK is going to the polls today (which close at 5 p.m. Eastern) to determine whether Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May will maintain a significant majority in Parliament, or whether Labour challenger Jeremy Corbyn can capture more seats and offer a credible alternative to May. Key to the election is how absolute the British exit (Brexit) from the European Union will be: the Conservatives are promising a "hard" exit, which would mean the UK would leave the "single market" of the EU guaranteeing the free movement of goods, while Labour favors a "soft" exit, with the UK retaining single market access on some products. The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have moved security into the election discussion, along with maintaining a government-backed National Health Service.

May has aligned herself with demagogue and secrets leaker Donald "Rump" Trump in foreign policy matters (although she's been more supportive of NATO), while Corbyn has been a strong critic of Rump in most areas, standing with London Mayor Sadiq Khan after Rump's ignorant tweets after the London attack.

UPDATE: Exit polls are indicating that there will be a "hung" Parliament, with the Conservatives unable to amass the seats necessary to govern without forming a coalition. With Conservatives losing 16 seats (over 2015), versus Labour picking up 34, it's a clear defeat for May and the Tories.

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