Friday, June 16, 2017

Quote Of The Day

“In the private conversations I’ve had with heads of states and ministers of foreign relations . . . they all feel what [Australian Prime Minister Malcolm] Turnbull just basically came out and said: This is, by far, the least capable person ever to sit in the office and it’s appalling they have to deal with him. Even in a country that really needs to have a good relationship with the United States, you’re just not willing to deal with it. Your own ego will say, ‘Screw this guy.’” -- Ian Bremmer, president of global risk assessment firm Eurasia Group, on dimwit Donald "Rump" Trump. (our emphasis). Remember, as the linked article notes, Rump has often said, as recently as two weeks ago in the Rose Garden, that foreign leaders wouldn't be "laughing at us anymore." They may or may not be laughing at us, but they sure as hell are laughing at you.


Feline Mama said...

OT- - Just read (at JoeMyGod, I believe) "Pencil" has 'lawyered' up & Dumptruck's own lawyer has 'lawyered' up. Boy, this web is certainly tangling up real nicely, no???

W. Hackwhacker said...

The rats are, if not abandoning ship, preparing for their exit perhaps.