Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trump Wags The Dog, Media Chases

So, this morning the top news story on the morning shows was the CBO score on the life- threatening Senate TrumpCare bill... haha no!

The Top News was a statement put out by the White (Supremacist) House asserting that Syria's Assad was about to use chemical weapons on his people and the U.S. would respond harshly should that happen, news that caught U.S. military officials off guard (hmmm, curious). No further information or background was forthcoming, leaving us to wonder if this was a "wag the dog" effort to distract from the aforementioned damning CBO analysis of the latest TrumpCare shit sandwich (spoiler alert: we think so!).

(To be clear, we have no doubt whatsoever that the Assad regime would be capable and willing to pull off this kind of a war crime -- again. It's just that the circumstances have the smell of a decomposing rat.)

We recall the last time the regime of nitwit Donald "Rump" Trump used military force in Syria was in early April, about a week after the Russiagate investigation was heating up with the offer of former NSA advisor Michael Flynn to testify in exchange for immunity. You'll also recall several puerile commentators lost their credibility forever by praising Rump for the April 6 cruise missile strike ("he became president last night") and gawking at the cruise missiles being launched. That's just what the Rump regime intended for the media to portray, of course, and they largely got it from them, because there's nothing like a little boom- boom to get these armchair chin strokers excited. (The morning print media may not have had time to react today -- at least the print and on- line versions of the Washington Post are not taking the bait so far.)

This time, it would appear the diversion was to get the CBO score off the tee- vee for a few precious hours, while making Rump look tough vs. the Syrians and their Russian patrons. A win- win for them. Call us cynical, but from the looks of this morning's shows, it looks like the diversion worked.

BONUS:  Steve M. covers the coverup in the wingnut media (so we don't have to).


Grung_e_Gene said...

Big booms abroad make litle Trumpie go boom-boom in his pants. And the media dutifully looks at the mess and goes that such a good boy! You are such a good President Donald!

W. Hackwhacker said...

Anything to keep him and the media distracted, Gene!