Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump's Vile Decision To Quit Paris Accords

The profoundly ignorant and malicious decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords -- an agreement with flexible, voluntary goals -- by neo-fascist buffoon Donald "Rump" Trump will not only make the U.S. an international pariah on environmental issues, but it marks the end of U.S. global and diplomatic leadership and a retreat of decades on the environment. With the Rump regime's abdication of responsibility, we are on our own -- individual citizens, institutions, companies, states, cities and others -- to go beyond what is expected as far as reducing our carbon footprint, and to shame and avoid those that won't. We'll see how many of our major corporations follow the Paris Climate Accord's goals for carbon emissions voluntarily, and how many cities and states adopt their own earth-friendly standards and regulations, because this shameful regime in the White (Supremacist ) House won't.

Here's the graphic depiction of where we stand vis-a-vis the rest of the world:

Rump's name will be cursed by future generations.

This reaction from Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune says it all (plus more reactions at the link):
Generations from now, Americans will look back at Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement as one of the most ignorant and dangerous actions ever taken by any President. Trump’s decision to ignore the vast majority of the American public and the scientific community will harm our country, costing us lives, jobs and our role as a world leader. Trump has isolated our country on the world stage, ceding our leadership position and our economic advantage on clean energy to India and China, and justifying it all by chanting a slogan from a baseball hat.
BONUS: Additional reactions here. And here.

BONUS II: What Steve Benen said --
We’ve taken great pride in the modern era of our president being the Leader of the Free World, and today effectively marked the end of a once-great era. Donald J. Trump has managed to betray the climate, the world, America’s standing, and his own legacy in one fell swoop. 
History will not be kind.

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