Saturday, July 1, 2017

Malignant Presidency Quote of the Day

"We're in foreign territory. We have never been in a malignant presidency like this before. It calls on our leaders, it calls on our journalists to do a different kind of reporting, a different kind of dealing with this presidency and the President....I think something much greater is happening, and that is that we are in the midst of a malignant presidency. That malignancy is known to the military leaders of the country. It's known to the Republican leadership in Congress who recognize it, and it's known to the intelligence community." (emphasis added) -- journalistic icon Carl Bernstein on CNN, referring to the dysfunctional, vindictive, pathologically dishonest and corrupt presidency of unstable Donald "Rump" Trump. Having been a key observer of Richard Nixon's criminal presidency, Bernstein's assessment is even more important to understand the gravity of the problem.

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