Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rethuglican Senators Silent On TrumpCare

With the malicious TrumpCare bill stalled in the Senate, thanks to surgery on Sen. John "Walnuts" McCain to remove a blood clot, the vote tally game continues. There are two Rethugs on record opposing the tax cut for the wealthy bill disguised as a "health care" bill, but for different reasons: social Darwinist wingnut Sen. Rand "Ayn Rand" Paul because it's not cruel enough, and Sen. Susan Collins because it cuts Medicaid too severely. Only one more Rethuglican vote is needed to kill the legislation, which is vehemently opposed by every major medical and health insurance organization in the nation.

Collins indicated today that she counts eight to ten Rethuglican Senators who have "serious concerns" about the bill. It's likely that many of them are Very Concerned Republicans who express those "concerns" while on camera, but assure evil turtle/human hybrid Sen. Mitch "Missy" McConnell in private that when the time comes they'll back the TrumpCare monstrosity. But who would those eight to ten Senators be who are silent about their vote? Perhaps it's West Virginia Sen. Shelly Moore Capito, who may have been bought off by dangling billions in opioid treatment funds for the Cult of Trump voters in her state. Or maybe it's Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, who faces a tough reelection fight (and possible primary opponent on the far right) in 2018. She could be counting Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who also has an opioid epidemic among the Cult of Trump base in his state but whose Governor John Kasich is opposed to the draconian Medicaid cuts. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has also expressed reservations about the Medicaid cuts, so she might be one counted by Sen. Collins.

Whomever they are, the question to be asked is why they're not stepping forward now, and the probability is that many are awaiting a bribe from the White (Supremacist) House to flip them. Don't let that happen. We need to fight with calls, tweets and letters, in addition to rallies and demonstrations at their local offices. Again, here's the TrumpCare tool kit to send them the message that this is bill is a death sentence for countless Americans. Make them take a public stand in opposition.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Hopefully Senator Maverick Von Mavericky can recover from his Government funded medical procedure and Government funded post-op recovery to stroke his conscience on MTP and then Vote to take away medical care from Millions. It's what a Maverick would do!

W. Hackwhacker said...

You can count on it, Gene!