Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scout's Dishonor

It was, at times, a scene out of a Nuremberg rally, yesterday's appearance at the Boy Scout's Jamboree by bizzaro world Boy Scout Donald "Rump" Trump. As any sentient person might have expected, the increasingly deranged ("beleaguered?") Rump was bound to go off script on one of his delusional, self- serving, highly politicized rants. He didn't disappoint. But the Boy Scouts of America did.

After using the rally to plump for repealing the Affordable Care Act, blabber about the size of the crowd and his election "victory," say that more "loyalty" was needed, attack the "fake media," tell inappropriate stories about "hot" guests at cocktail parties, he prompted the scouts to boo Hillary Clinton and former President Obama (which many, but not all, in Rump's scout crowd happily did, since some are of the same developmental age and knowledge base as Rump himself). CNN has the most awful of Rump's comments that broke 80 years of tradition with presidential remarks to the scout group.

The Boy Scouts organization may be regretting its decision to give Rump a mike in front of 30,000 impressionable youth. They've issued a nopology of sorts and are rightly getting reamed out on their Facebook page (here are some top responses), where nearly every posting has reaction to Rump's foul remarks. Here are a few other reactions on Twitter:


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