Tuesday, July 18, 2017

So Much Winning: TrumpCare Edition

Sociopathic loser Donald "Rump" Trump's small fingers have been busy this morning on the Twitter machine to vent his frustration over the collapse of his TrumpCare monstrosity:
"Most Republicans were loyal..." Weren't you the one who called a similar iteration of the bill "mean," giving the shiv in the back to your lackeys in the Congress? "And worked really hard...." You did virtually nothing to advance this dumpster fire of a bill, no rallies, no speeches, only a handful of superficial tweets and a few counterproductive threats.

Now, the shitgibbon is pushing (again) a full repeal without a replacement for two years, which will guarantee chaos in the health insurance market and loss of coverage for tens of millions relying on Medicaid and policies obtained through the Federal and State marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act. TrumpCare's defeat also means that the long-held Rethuglican dream of transferring some $800 billion from Medicaid assistance for working families to the pockets of the top 1% through tax cuts (what they cynically call "tax reform") is dead, until they can find another way to rob the poor to give to the wealthy.

BONUS:  The New York Times editorial this morning says it all. Here's a snippet --
Republican legislative leaders are in a bind. While they appear to have failed for now in their goal of destroying the Affordable Care Act, their eagerness to shower tax breaks on the wealthy at the expense of health coverage for millions of Americans has crimped their ability to pass other fiscal legislation. 
This is not a lament. It’s just as well that they haven’t done anything big, given their goals. But it is a stunning demonstration of incompetence that, with control of the House, the Senate and the White House for six months, Republicans have not only failed to enact any major bills but have also created a legislative logjam that is bound to get worse. [snip]
After years spent as obstructionists, obstruction seems to be all they know. Now they’re obstructing themselves, a good thing since it may limit their ability to do harm.
A battle has been won -- temporarily -- in a war that Republicans intend to continue waging against all but the wealthiest among us.  We'll need to keep up the pressure indefinitely.

BONUS II:  Rump -- working hard, or hardly working?


DivaNewYork said...

We'll keep it up here for as long as it takes to get this obscene health care fiasco buried. We owe it to those who need Medicaid/Obamacare. Or just stand up for the common good, for god's sake.

Hackwhackers said...

We're with you, Diva. Keep up the resistance.