Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump Cultist Hannity Denied Award

According to reports, far-right propagandist and Trump's passionate ass kisser Sean "Heil" Hannity (who would fawn over Charles Manson if he announced he was a Rethuglican) was denied the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence after Buckley's son expressed his strong objections, along with those of paleocon rag National Review, which was founded by Buckley Sr.  Practiced liar that he is, Heil's claiming that he declined the award.

Leaving aside the irony of a "media excellence" award given by the right wing so-called Media Research Center, it's a sign of the deep division among right wingers over whether or not to support neo-fascist Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump. Heil's Fux Channel program and his radio show are blindly relentless megaphones for praise of Rump, even as his links to Moscow are increasingly exposed. He's even cultivated nihilist provocateur Julian Assange, now that Assange has moved from publishing U.S. secrets and exposing our agents to danger, to supporting Rump's Moscow-backed presidency. Hannity's disgusting peddling of conspiracy theories has prompted widespread outrage.

The moral is that there are flea-infested dogs that even some on the far right won't lie down with.

(photo: Pucker up, Heil, here comes your Rump!)

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