Friday, July 7, 2017

TrumpCare: Still The Undead

"Trumpcare isn’t dead until it’s dead. But the Senate Republicans look like a group of politicians who have decided they don’t care enough about health-care policy to absorb the political blowback that passing a law snatching insurance from millions of Americans would instigate."  Jonathan Chait, who outlines several reasons the Senate TrumpCare bill is still floundering.

He's right. TrumpCare isn't dead until it's dead. That's why we're asking you again to join us in making your opposition to this hateful, murderous bill clear to your Senator (especially if she or he is a Republican). Here, once again, is the TrumpCare tool kit that can help you do that as easily as possible.  Since Republicans are mostly avoiding holding town hall meetings with their constituents, these contacts are the best way of showing them what "the political blowback" from taking insurance away from tens of millions of Americans looks like.

There's no question these weasels are feeling the pressure. During the current recess, two more Republican senators (Hoeven of North Dakota and Moran of Kansas), having heard from constituents, said the "current bill" is unacceptable. Now, we're cynical enough to entertain the thought that these are positioning strategies so they can claim to have opposed a deeply unpopular bill, but then turn around and vote for a substantially similar bill that's been cosmetically tinkered with by Machiavellian sociopath Sen. Mitch "Missy" McConnell. We need to let them know they won't get away with any of that game- playing.

Thank you!

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