Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump's Assault On Science In The Public Interest

The Union of Concerned Scientists has published an important  report on the first six months of the malignant administration of con man and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump, showing how destructive he and his appointees have been to the role of science in preserving our environment for us and future generations. The report, "Sidelining Science From Day One," presents a well-documented case of the historic anti-science rampage by the Trumpists (with the assistance of coin-operated Rethuglicans in Congress):
"Since President Trump took office in January 2017, his administration (aided and abetted by Congress) has waged a war on science—undermining the role of science in public policy, giving industry undue influence on decisionmaking processes, creating a hostile environment for federal scientists, and reducing public access to scientific information."
The report details the actions that have been used by the Trumpists to turn our national resources and scientific endeavors over to the predators for profit, including:
  • Sidelining independent science advice;
  • Appointing conflicted individuals to scientific leadership positions;
  • Revoking science-based safeguards;
  • Misrepresenting climate science and rolling back climate change safeguards;
  • Weakening science-based pollution standards without scientific justification.;
  • Altering scientific content on federal websites., and
  • Restricting communication of scientists
By putting foxes to guard the hen houses of science, climate policy and environmental protection, Rump is looking to protect the industries that the public needs to be protected from, industries that have contributed handsomely to his campaign and to those of other Rethuglican nihilists. The stakes are high for the nation to be served by science in the public interest:
"In coming decades, the United States will face some of the most difficult challenges in its history. Science and technology will play a crucial role in helping us meet these challenges. The public deserves independent, impartial scientific information, even—or perhaps especially—when that information indicates the need for politically unpopular or inconvenient action."
You can support the work of the Union of Concerned Scientists here, and, of course, Resist.


DivaNewYork said...

Who are we when we undermine scientists? When we speak so callously in front of children? Or when our leaders defend any of this? Fucking disgraceful.

Hackwhackers said...

Diva -- The proto-fascist mentality of not just Trump, but of his cult and enablers in his party, has been festering for years. Science, education and simple decency are its enemies.

DivaNewYork said...

Well said, Hackie.