Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump's Meeting With Putin: Adult Supervision Needed

A window into preparations for the meeting tomorrow between unstable Putin loyalist Donald "Rump" Trump and his benefactor, Russian autocrat/kleptocrat Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin, per the Daily Beast:
"As of Wednesday, the list for those participating in the meeting had not yet been finalized. But aides have been pushing to stack the meeting with officials who might help nudge Trump in the right direction—or at least present a more politically palatable front. 'The idea is to get as many adults in the room as humanly possible,' one senior administration official said." (emphasis added)
We believe that you could have dozens of adults in the room with man-baby Rump and he would still disregard them, especially if Putin strokes his childish ego. That's the nature of the threat this nation faces.

BONUS:  Then there's this tidbit (found via Mock Paper Scissors) --
... The president often doesn’t read the usual briefing books and relies on in-person briefings, the officials said, so aides also have written a list of tweet-length sentences that summarize the main points Trump could bring up with Putin. (our emphasis)
Spoon- feeding Man Baby with "tweet-length sentences." They must be having a good laugh at us all over the world.


Feline Mama said...

If ever I wanted to be that "fly on the wall" it would be there. Hell, I'd love to be the "fly" on drumph's back following him everywhere. Well, maybe NOT everywhere!

Hackwhackers said...

F.M. - Heh heh, be careful what you wish for!