Monday, July 10, 2017

Why It's Called The Stupid Party...

... and why we can't have nice things anymore:
More than half of the Republicans surveyed for a Pew Research Center poll released Monday say colleges and universities are hurting the country, a drastic shift from how the same group viewed such institutions two years ago. 
Fifty-eight percent of Republicans say colleges have a negative effect on the nation, according to the survey, which also polled respondents on institutions like churches, banks, the media and labor unions. [snip]
The vast majority Democrats, meanwhile, say colleges are helping the nation: 72 percent say they think higher education is having a positive effect... 
On the other hand,
Seventy-three percent of Republicans have a positive view of the impact of churches and other religious institutions, compared to 50 percent of Democrats; 44 percent of Democrats think the media is good for the country, versus just 10 percent of Republicans...  (our emphasis)
Let's confirm this with your average Republican base voter:

"All that learnin' about histry an' science just clouds the mind, when all you need to know is what's in the Good Book, which was written by shepherds, fishermen, tentmakers an' such over 2,000 years ago (that's 3,000 years after the Earth was formed, in case you didn't learn that in your fancy college!). They weren't no college boys neither! Plus, why do they call them librul arts if they ain't a bunch of libruls?!"


Feline Mama said...

That phrase "Dumbing Down of America rings true. No?? Making 'merikkka Dumb Again.

W. Hackwhacker said...

There seems to be no bottom either, FM.