Friday, August 11, 2017

Another Unhinged MAGA-man

The "MAGA" cult certainly has strange bedfellows. They're out there, from wingnuts loving and wanting to emulate murderous Russian autocrat Vladimir "Vlad The Invader" Putin, to NRA TV host and piece of waste Grant "Stinkfield" Stinchfield, who urged a hostile North Korea to attack Sacramento, CA instead of Guam, as North Korea has threatened:

Stinkfield's tweet reflects the violent contempt right-wingers have for basic decency. He would undoubtedly prefer a neo-fascist dictatorship ruling America at the barrel of a gun, at any cost. Just a couple of months ago, he indulged in an ironically loony rant about "leftists" using heated rhetoric to inspire violence:
“I think that when you have an unstable person, the rhetoric that is being pushed, the wink and the nod that violence is okay, actually enables these folks and is even a ‘go’ sign to go and be violent.”
This treasonous coward's defense will almost certainly be "it was a joke," much like the White (Supremacist) House defends sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump's most outrageous comments. If he's looking for "an unstable person," he need only look in a mirror.

BONUS: As if on cue, Stinkfield said just now "it was meant as a joke..."

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