Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trump's Bonkers Press Conference

The Emperor with no clothes had a 20- minute mini- press conference this afternoon at his Bedminster golf resort, and it was a thing. You can view the full video, if you're of a mind to be appalled, here. If you're not of a mind, Charlie Pierce has a few of the choice excerpts here.

Rambling at times semi- coherently, deranged nitwit Donald "Rump" Trump held forth on a number of topics, mainly him, him, him and, oh yes, him. He repeated the usual litany of things that exist only in his fevered brain (how he strengthened the nuclear arsenal in 6 months, "no collusion no collusion," his votes from transgenders, some White House leaks were good because people were just vying for his love, the bad deal Obama negotiated with Iran, his votes from "military," "no collusion no collusion," that it was a "disgrace" Missy McConnell didn't get Obamacare repeal and replace done, Russians didn't win election he did, "no collusion no collusion," etc.).  He thanked Putin for kicking over 700 U.S. Embassy staff out of Russia, "cutting the payroll," thus "saving a lot of money." He also opined that his disastrous "fire and fury" remark the other day was perhaps not "tough enough." Oooh, Man Baby talking tough and carrying a little (you know). Bonkers.

The purported adults surrounding him at the press conference included Vice President (and president- in- waiting) Mike "Dense" Pense and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster; they looked like they were in a hostage video.  One wonders if they noticed that the orange shitgibbon seated between them was babbling nonsense, going off message, clearly obsessed with the election results and his predecessor -- all of which would suggest someone not dealing with a full set of golf clubs.

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