Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Let's See How The Media Responds This Time

Republicans desperate to shift attention off of treasonous moron Donald "Rump" Trump's hourly demonstrations of his unfitness for office are suddenly pushing the stale stories of "who paid for the Russian dossier?" (publicly known since last October) and "the uranium sale to Russia!" (debunked last year herehere, and here). This involves the White (Supremacist) House, of course, and pro- Trump Republicans on several Congressional committees who've been feeling the heat generated by the right- wing wurlitzer to re- focus on conspiracy- generating right- wing bugaboo Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.  As for the wurlitzer, it's main pipe is already tooting accordingly:

There are already those in the media who have been complicit in the past with Republican attempts to smear Hillary Clinton who are reacting to this shiny object, this "Trump whisperer" from the librul New York Times being the worst of the lot. She's at it again, freely using the "L" word she bans for all but Democrats and the Clintons:

After which she was reminded:

Consistency and standards are for losers! #MAGA!

There are others who have the attention span and short- term memory of a fruit fly who may take this piece of warmed- over Republican agitprop and run with the herd. There are still others who may be eager to re- establish their favorite false equivalency narrative: "both sides do it!" But in this time of mortal danger to our Republic, and after being routinely snookered by Rump and his merry band of Republican nihilists, one would hope most in the "mainstream media" would have learned their lesson by now. "Hope."

So let's see how the "mainstream media" responds to this transparent attempt to make "the real Russian scandal" about Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Then we'll know if we'll ever have the luxury of "hope" again.

BONUS:  Charles Pierce shares his concerns.  Good read.

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