Friday, November 24, 2017

Has Flynn Flipped?

Is disgraced former National Security Advisor and man on the take Michael "Lock Him Up!" Flynn cooperating with the Special Counsel's team on the Russiagate investigation? It appears that way, as his lawyers have severed ties with the legal team representing Putin loyalist and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump. The effect is that the teams will no longer be sharing information and having discussions about the investigation, an indication that the Special Counsel's team may have worked out a plea bargain in return for credible information about the ties between the Kremlin and the 2016 Trump campaign, among other facets of the investigation.

Flynn, and his right-wing conspiracist son, could be facing serious Federal charges ranging from giving false testimony to a Federal officer to failing to register as a foreign agent, as well as charges in New York State that would be beyond Rump's power to pardon. Also, there were reports Tuesday that Rump would not be paying Flynn's legal bills, something that could have made Flynn's cooperation with the investigation an easier choice. That's the price of loyalty to narcissist Rump.

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