Saturday, December 23, 2017

"Liberal" MSNBC Ditching Joan Walsh (UPDATED)

Oops, they did it again.  Less than a month after firing, then rehiring progressive contributor Sam Seder over a misinterpreted tweet, and six months after flirting with firing primetime progressive host Lawrence O'Donnell, "liberal" MSNBC (owned by Trump- ass kissers Comcast) has ditched another progressive voice -- this time the respected contributor Joan Walsh, whose contract is not being renewed. The network is claiming "budgetary concerns" were to blame. Nice Christmas present there, MSNBC, you soulless shitstains!

As far as those "budgetary concerns," this is the network that provides Republican press release reader Hugh "Man Boobs" Hewitt with his own show and regularly features delirious Reagan idolater Peggy Noonan. There are any number of other "reformed" Republicans and Fox exiles like Joe Scarborough, Nicolle Wallace, Megyn Kelly, and until recently, Greta Van Susteren, getting their MSNBC paychecks. But MSNBC has apparently made the decision that, in these difficult times of "budgetary concerns," the voice of an insightful progressive woman is not as valued as those of right- wing hacks and suddenly- centrist Republicans.

Pressure from progressives prompted MSNBC to reverse its decision on Seder and likely on O'Donnell. If you're of a mind (and we think you are) to drop the bomb on MSNBC for this destructively dumb decision, here's a good approach:

Let's wipe that smug look off that schmuck's face.

Here, via Crooks & Liars are some more ways to contact MSNBC:
Snail mail: MSNBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112 Attn: Andrew Lack 
Comment line: (212) 664-4444 
Twitter: @MSNBC (tag @joanwalsh as well, use hashtag #WTFMSNBC or #KeepJoanWalsh.) Digital director: @Farrashley 

The hashtag #KeepJoanWalsh is also trending; let's keep it going.

UPDATEJoan has been picked up by CNN;  now you can tell MSNBC their loss is their rival's gain (and that they can still go f*ck themselves).

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