Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Rethuglicans' Moral Rot

There really should be no debate about whether sociopath and sexual predator Donald "Rump" Trump is a manifestation of the long-developing rot within the Rethuglican / New Confederate / Pedophile Party, or a departure from their norm. In their "up is down" world view, more Rethugs are satisfied with the moral and ethical climate now than under President Obama, per this recent Gallup poll (click to enlarge):

Some reactions on Twitter homed in on the salient point:


donnah said...

Anyone, and I mean anyone who says that racism is not a key element in the national picture is an idiot or a liar. It's become brutally obvious that a large part of the American people would prefer an all-white population, which is preposterous. It's never been that way, it never will be that way, and it should never be that way.

I have always considered the Democrats as the Peoples Party. We should represent all people, their gender, religious beliefs or non-beliefs, social status, race, and color. We should stand up for the poor and educate the masses. It's been a party of civil rights and human rights and I want that to continue.

The Republicans in their many forms do not speak for me. They are hypocrites, racists, and liars. To think they claim some moral high ground is ridiculous. And for them to judge us and impose discriminating laws based on their racism is also ridiculous.

We have to fight back. We need to get voters registered and ready for November. The midterms will start a revolution and we need to be ready.

hackwhackers said...

donnah -- After 2016, we can't take anything for granted. The Rethuglican DNA will always put them on the wrong side of history (and demographics), but they will fight to preserve their disgraceful policies into the future. We have to resist and to win.