Saturday, February 10, 2018

Trump And The Silence Of The Teabaggers

What ever happened to the astroturf Tea Party teabaggers, decked out in their Revolutionary War regalia and carrying racist signs about President Obama while they railed against the 2009 stimulus package that ultimately saved the economy from crashing? They swore that it was deficits, not a black Democratic President, that fueled their reactionary and racist movement. Now, neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump and his Rethuglican employees in Congress passed a crushing tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest Americans that will cost the Treasury $1 trillion after economic growth is taken into account. The Guardian's Richard Wolffe has some thoughts on the subject:
"Once upon a time, conservatives said they hated Barack Obama because of his budget deficits. They said he was destroying America and its future, which made them very angry indeed. They were so mad about all those Obama debts that they invented a new party, and named it after the revolutionaries who opposed a nasty British king.

The Tea Party was a collection of strange people, including one candidate who promised she wasn’t a witch. But the strangest thing happened after Obama moved out of the White House, and an orange man moved in. That was when conservatives all across America decided they didn’t actually hate debt and deficits after all."
Very stable genius Rump is no stranger to debt, in fact he's called himself the "king of debt". His Trump Organization was always heavily leveraged, and when his businesses went bankrupt multiple times, Rump's credit with American financial sources dried up. He was then forced to seek credit in unorthodox, foreign places, notoriously Russia.
"Grand Wizard Trump first learned his magic debt spells when he built a palace called the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. He called it the eighth wonder of the world, and it certainly was wonderful how the business went bankrupt a year after it opened. Five other Trump palaces went bankrupt the next year, but he waved his wand and everything turned out fine. For him.

How did he escape from all that debt? 'On occasion,' he told Hillary Clinton on television, 'we used certain laws that are there.' That certainly put her in her place.

Normal people find it hard to borrow money or run businesses after so many bankruptcies. But they don’t know the magic spells that Trump knows, and they don’t have a TV show that makes any buffoon look like a real businessman. They also don’t have Russian wizard friends who buy lots of their property at ridiculously high prices because that’s how they do something they call 'laundry'”.
So what happened to the Rethuglicans and their sign-carrying teabagger shock troops? It's all relative  or, more accurately, hypocritical: Democratic President: deficits bad. Rethuglican President: deficits don't matter.
"Right now we obviously need the kind of leader who is completely ignorant about the consequences, and just lives in the moment.

Because if we don’t live in the here and now, we might start thinking about all those Trump-sized debts that will land after a corporate tax cut that blew apart the federal budget and a spending deal that now promises to do the same.

Fortunately we live in a time when Republicans have learned from his leadership and abandoned all their old ways of thinking, which they used to call principles."
Those teabaggers might reemerge in 2021, after we've elected a Dem President, and the deceitful hypocrisy will start all over again, except this time the game's been exposed for what it is.

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