Friday, February 2, 2018

Tweets Of The Day -- Nunes' "Fart In A Hurricane"

Sometimes, you have to yield the floor to Republicans.

And finally we hear again from the bard inside Rick Wilson:

BONUS: Check out these hilarious reactions in GIF form.

BONUS II:  It's also sparked a trending Twitter hashtag,  #YoMemoJokes.


Infidel753 said...

Ah, the pwnage flows like water today -- and some of those gifs are hilarious! The one of the guy with the firework sticking out of his pants is an old favorite of mine. This one would fit pretty well too.

The real flaming-nutball right-wing sites are taking the memo completely seriously, of course, saying it proves there are traitors everywhere and whatnot. They'll start to realize the truth in a week or so, I'm guessing.

donnah said...

I hope so, Infidel. Chuckster Todd has given air time to two of the Freedumb Caucus idiots, and they're reinforcing the line that the Dems were the underhanded ones. Unless some of these media vampires stop sucking up to the criminals, the story will be muddied up. For once, can we have a journalist or talking head who isn't kissing Trump's ass?