Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trump's Dangerous Ignorance On North Korea

The prospect of ignorant, narcissistic sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump "negotiating" with a clever, focused and well-prepared adversary in Kim Jong-Un should be of deepest concern to our nation. Rump's reckless, impulsive acceptance of a meeting with Kim was clearly his attempt to create a diversion from the deepening legal problems that are poised to take down his presidency. Kim reaped a propaganda bonanza with Rump over-eager to meet him, like a schoolboy with a crush. The legitimacy Rump gave Kim was Kim's first win.

Rump's tweet this morning about North Korea shows his ignorance about just where we stand vis-a-vis North Korea's nuclear program:

"(T)hey have agreed to denuclearization..."?  Wrong, President Pee Brain, they've stopped their nuclear weapons testing program and intend to shut their troubled test site. "Denuclearization" would mean they've agreed to give up their nuclear weapons, and they're not about to do that since that's their insurance policy for survival.

Going into "negotiations" as ill-equiped and ignorant as Rump is would be bad enough. The fact that he always thinks he's the smartest man in the room and won't take advice (legal or otherwise) makes any upcoming meeting with North Korea frightening. He'll let Kim take his shirt if he can get a thumbs up photo-op that he can spin to his cult followers as a "win."

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