Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Melanie's" Day Trip

Today, unannounced both to build drama and end-run investigative reporters, First Enabler Lady and concern actress Melania "Melanie" Trump toured a small, religious-sponsored shelter for unaccompanied immigrant kids in McAllen, TX. The cherry-picked facility isn't one of those detaining infants and toddlers, of course, because that might upset Melanie's fine tuned sense of propriety. She took a brief tour of the facility, which houses boys only, which the media was barred from once she started interacting with the detainees. She seemed cheery and oblivious to the Potemkin village atmosphere with drawings and pictures on the walls that resembled an elementary school.

The regime of neo-fascist sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump thought they could hold immigrant children hostage in order to extract an extreme immigration "reform" bill whose main purpose is to authorize $25 billion for a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. Melanie's trip was to provide images to counter the reality of the images that we've seen over the past several weeks as a result of Rump's obscene separation policy. It's likely to work for those in the Beltway media who are still desperate to show some normality in this ugly, cruel regime; a grinning Dana Bash (who should know better by now) led off CNN's noon programming with a giddy report, before reality seeped in that this was a carefully stage managed event by Rump's communications people, not a real-life look into one of the controversial detention facilities.

She obviously didn't want to face the parents of those from whom their children have been taken, nor the detention facilities housing the "tender age" children. She could have saved some jet fuel by visiting a not-so-kindly facility in Staunton, VA where children have been beaten, or the facility in Syosset, NY where psychotropic drugs have been administered to separated children. Or maybe she could visit some of the abusive foster homes that have taken immigrant children.

The question for Melanie and others of this vile regime is "when are the 2,300 children that have been separated from their parents going to be reunited?" One could ask, but we suspect that they don't want to be distracted from the "isn't everything great?" tour.

BONUS: Wow. Check out the coat that she wore on her way to Texas: "I really don't care, do u?" Nothing could be more perfect.

(top photo: "Melanie" in front of an ironic message. M. Ngan/AFP/Getty)


donnah said...

That coat. I can't even.

Honestly, it has to be some sort of twisted joke. When has Melania ever worn a $39 jacket? Why would she even need a jacket in Texas? It is the most tone deaf slap in the face I have ever seen.

Please, strike these monsters down!

DivaNewYork said...

They made the coat the center of attention while the spineless shitbag congress passed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps etc. .

Melanoma is as complicit as Rump's feckless daughter. They're all a bunch of grifting soulless liars.