Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Dear Mr. Zuckerberg..."

The parents of a Sandy Hook elementary school victim have something to say to amoral Facebook founder Mark "F*ckerberg" Zuckerberg:
Dear Mr Zuckerberg,  
Our names are Lenny Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa. We are the parents of Noah, who on 14 December, 2012, at the age of six, was gunned down in his classroom at Sandy Hook elementary school. Since that day, we, as well as the parents, family, and friends of the 25 other victims, have been embroiled in a constant battle with social media providers, including Facebook, to protect us from harassment and threats. [snip] 
While terms you use, like “fake news” or “fringe conspiracy groups”, sound relatively innocuous, let me provide you with some insight into the effects of allowing your platform to continue to be used as an instrument to disseminate hate. We have endured online, telephone, and in-person harassment, abuse, and death threats. In fact, one of the abusers was sentenced to jail for credible death threats that she admitted in court she had uttered because she believed in online content created by these “fringe groups”. In order to protect ourselves and our surviving children, we have had to relocate numerous times. These groups use social media, including Facebook, to “hunt” us, posting our home address and videos of our house online. We are currently living in hiding. We are far from alone in our experiences, as many other families who have lost loved ones in mass shootings and other tragedies have reported the same continuing torment. 
Our families are in danger as a direct result of the hundreds of thousands of people who see and believe the lies and hate speech, which you have decided should be protected. What makes the entire situation all the more horrific is that we have had to wage an almost inconceivable battle with Facebook to provide us with the most basic of protections to remove the most offensive and incendiary content.
You can read the entire, heartbreaking open letter here.

A main purveyor of the Sandy Hook hoax hate speech is, of course, Alex Jones -- who also recently made threats of physical violence against Special Counsel Robert Mueller via Facebook and YouTube.  That, too, is apparently something F*ckerberg considers not violating Facebook's rules.

Facebook and F*ckerberg are not your friends.

Also, what Chris Hayes said:

BONUS:  Sad!  Facebook's stock plummeted 23% today in after- hours trading based on lower quarterly earnings than expected. F*ckerberg personally lost $17.6 billion in the sell off.  Sweet.

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