Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rump's Protection Racket

Now that the NATO summit in Brussels has concluded, the damage assessments for the summit can begin. At a minimum, mentally unstable Kremlin asset and con man Donald "Rump" Trump has succeeded in advancing the Kremlin's objective of weakening the NATO alliance. His demands that members of the alliance increase their spending on NATO to 4% is comparable to a mob boss demanding payments in return for protection. Indeed, members of the alliance have been increasing their NATO budgets steadily since 2014.

What was most stunning aside from Rump's aggressively boorish behavior came in a meeting of the North Atlantic Council where he threatened to break from NATO:
"Officials inside the room for the formal session of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), the alliance’s top political decision-making body, said Trump arrived late — and apparently furious — and quickly hijacked a meeting that was already in progress with the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia. Taking the floor, Trump unleashed what one official called a 'prolonged rant' on spending. He warned of 'grave consequences' if allies did not quickly ramp up their spending, sending the gathering into chaos." (our emphasis)
We've highlighted the part about Ukraine and Georgia because they've been the most recent victims of Russian aggression, having had their territory seized, so it's telling that he chose that time to bluster into the meeting and disrupt it.

In a press conference later, Rump dishonestly boasted that he got the NATO allies to agree to the 4% threshold, a remark that was swiftly refuted by others, including French President Emmanuel Macron who said no such agreement was reached.

To have this dangerous buffoon on the world stage representing the United States is a threat to our national security, and a boon to our adversaries in Moscow. To finally learn what leverage Moscow has on this corrupt, lying narcissist will be a story for the ages.

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