Friday, July 20, 2018

The Body Language Of #treasonsummit

Two photos capture the essence of who was the boss and who was the gopher at the Helsinki capitulation. In the first photo, prior to their 2-hour secret session, we see treasonous Kremlin agent and liar Donald "Rump" Trump crouched forward, tense, shoulders hunched, and hands in prayer mode. Russia's corrupt thug Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, looks relaxed and confident, sizing Rump up, leaning back in his chair as if relaxing at home.

Photo: AP

In the second photo, after their session, Putin enters the room for the press conference smiling, head up and shoulders back, almost strutting. Meanwhile, Rump looks dejected and whipped, as if he's been scolded. His face is dark, his eyes downcast, as he shuffles beside Putin.

Photo: V Kadobnov/AFP, Getty Images

Compared to the U.S. -- indeed compared to China, Japan, and Germany -- Russia is an economic midget, with an economy smaller than California's and with a declining standard of living. As Sen. John McCain once quipped, Russia is a gas station with nuclear weapons. Yet, here we see Rump showing some classic submissive body language, like someone whom Putin has the goods on. Sad!

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