Monday, August 6, 2018

Cohen's Latest Prize: "Blow Joe" Arpaio

In another epic takedown of a rabid wingnut, Sacha Baron Cohen got rogue racist lawbreaker ex-sheriff  "Blow" Joe Arpaio to express his desire for fellow law-breaking sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump last night on his Showtime program, "Who Is America?" Specifically, the disgraced former Maricopa Co., AZ sheriff expressed a willingness to receive oral sex from Rump. Here's the clip from Cohen's twitter account:

Self-styled as "America's toughest sheriff," Blow Joe is currently running in a 3-way (no pun intended) Rethuglican primary race for Senate to replace retiring Sen. Jeff Flake. He was pardoned by BFF Rump a year ago for his criminal contempt of court conviction for violating a court order to cease racial profiling. During his tenure, Blow Joe's civil rights violations cost the taxpayers $146 million (!) in fines, settlements and fees. He was, and remains, a demented, bigoted "birther," determined to prove that former President Obama was born outside the U.S.

After this performance, the 86 year-old Blow Joe might actually get a bump in his party's polls, given the Trumpist Rethuglican cult's theocratic situational morality (see another Cohen target, mall-creeping pedophile Roy Moore). He might even get a more intimate "endorsement" from his idol Rump, if he plays his cards right.

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