Saturday, August 18, 2018

NC Republicans Threaten State Supreme Court

In continuing efforts to rig elections in their favor, Rethuglicans in North Carolina are threatening the impeachment of the state's Supreme Court justices if they don't support certain ballot initiatives in November. The state Rethuglican chairman Dallas Woodhouse suggested that the Rethuglican-majority State Senate might initiate impeachment proceedings if the court rejects some blatant attempts to shift power from the Governor to the legislature regarding judicial and State government appointments. In addition, the proposed amendments to the State constitution are deliberately misleading, a question the court has been asked to remedy.

North Carolina Rethuglicans have been trying mightily for years to stem the growing blue tide in the state, by gerrymandering and by onerous voter ID laws meant to suppress votes from Democratic constituencies. Similar efforts in swing states like Wisconsin succeeded in suppressing or negating the votes of Democratic constituencies in 2016. Sadly, although lower courts have struck down Republican attempts to rig the voting process in various states, the U.S. Supreme Court has supported their moves recently, yet another reason why state and local elections -- from county clerk to state legislator -- matter. With the 2020 Census approaching, and redistricting in the hands of state legislatures, it matters more than ever.

BONUS:  The good ol' white boys in Randolph County, Georgia, are up to their old voter suppression tricks, actively considering closing three- fourths of the voting places in a majority- black rural county prior to this fall's gubernatorial election pitting black Democrat Stacey Abrams against a Trump- loving gun humper.

BONUS II:  Here's a good round-up of Republican efforts to suppress and disenfranchise Democratic voters across the country.

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