Friday, August 31, 2018

Poll: Trump Support Down, Mueller Support Up

A new ABC News / Washington Post poll has some bad news for corrupt demagogue and Putin loyalist Donald "Rump" Trump. Sixty percent of Americans disapprove of his performance (53% strongly disapprove), while only 36 percent approve, a new low for him in this poll. In addition, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections -- and the Rump''s conspiracy with Moscow -- enjoys broad support from the public: 63% support the investigation vs. 29% who oppose it. Some excerpts from the findings:
"Trump’s average approval rating since taking office is the lowest for any president in modern polling since the 1940s. One factor: Contrary to his “drain the swamp” rhetoric, 45 percent say corruption in Washington has increased under Trump, while just 13 percent say it’s declined.

Suspicions of the president relating to the Mueller investigation are substantial. Sixty-one percent say that if assertions by Cohen are true, Trump broke the law. Fifty-three percent also think Trump obstructed special counsel Robert Mueller’s work
." (our emphasis)
The poll also found that almost half of Americans (49%) want Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Rump, with 57 of women supporting impeachment. The poll was conducted August 26-29 for 1,003 Americans. Check out the pdf for the poll here.

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