Thursday, October 4, 2018

Catholic Bishop Comes To KavaNut's Defense

In an age where the Catholic Church has been exposed as a vast petri dish for pedophile clerics, we now have a moral arbiter in the form of Bishop Donald Sanborn of Florida lecturing us sinners on why drunken sexual abuser Brett "KavaNut" Kavanaugh should be viewed as innocent, while his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's story is suspect:
“I do not believe that the qualifications of any human being should include actions which he or she performed when seventeen years old. Teenagers do many imprudent, foolish, stupid, and sinful things, but in many or even most cases they recover from these bad actions or habits and act like responsible adults,” he explained. “Furthermore, what the judge is accused of is not even a complete act. It was not a rape. Even as it is reported, the prosecutor said that it is not actionable even from the point of view of prosecution as a crime. Furthermore, Judge Kavanaugh is supposed to have performed this act while drunk, according to his accuser, which would reduce culpability, if the incident did indeed occur.” (our emphasis)
Where to begin to unpack this immoral blather from a partisan cleric? Let's start with the "teenagers do many imprudent" things, you know, like being seduced by pedophile priests who are then shielded by the likes of Bishop Sanborn. Not to worry, the Bishop assures us, because "in many or even most cases they recover from these bad actions..." Like when they come forward and identify their abusers, Bishop?
Here's another abomination from him: what KavaNut is accused of "is not even a complete act. It was not a rape." No harm no foul, right? Sexual assault can range from fondling and groping up to an including rape: it's the law, oh holy hypocrite. For good measure, Sanborn throws in the drunk defense (perhaps he's sinned under the influence of holy wine).

Sanborn is a poster boy for the Church's demise: protective of its clerical abusers, refusing to clean up their act, protecting the powerful, and smugly pontificating from their pulpits about how the rest of us should behave. He's an absolute disgrace.


One Fly said...

The bastard probably had a boy on his knees in front of him praying while he wrote that.

Priests should be allowed little if any credibility but few care what we think and know as correct.

This is soooo ugly bad and treasonous bastards are going to install this slug on the court.

Hackwhackers said...

One Fly -- We refuse to be lectured by a partisan, corrupt hypocrite who wants to govern our lives by his beliefs. His support of KavaNut speaks volumes about him and his zealotry.