Friday, October 12, 2018

The Republican Plan To Woo The Ladies


As the crack political team at the White (Supremacist) House scratches Dina Powell's name off the list of potential Ambassadors to the UN, this gives us an insight into how desperate and unmoored from reality they are (paywall at main article):
Powell’s withdrawal reportedly came as Trump’s aides frantically search for a woman to replace Haley in a bid to boost the president’s approval ratings with women voters ahead of midterm elections. “The political shop thinks it’s very important to announce a woman before Election Day because of the president’s approval rating and the Kavanaugh stuff,” one White House source was quoted as saying by Politico. (our emphasis)

Reality I

There's a 30- point gender gap (63% of women favor Democrats vs. 33% favoring Republicans):

But, of course, announcing a token Trumpette to take the UN job (Ivanka, are you still in the running? Maybe!) will most definitely swing women voters to the side of the groper- in- chief! As the great Charles Pierce would say, "And I am the Tsar of all the Russias."

Reality II

Thinking not likely to boost Republican chances with women either:
In a private email exchange with his top aide, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) following a phone call with her to discuss the administration’s travel ban. [snip] 
In the message to Kevin Carroll dated Feb. 8, 2017, he called the chat with Sen. Warren “absolutely most insulting conversation I have ever had with anyone.” 
“What an impolite arrogant woman,” Kelly continued on.  “She immediately began insulting our people accusing them of not following the court order, insulting and abusive behavior towards those covered by the pause, blah blah blah.”
Kelly also clashed with Dina Powell when she was at the White (Supremacist) House, considering her a "sharp- elbowed operator."  (If she had been Dan Powell, Kelly would have considered him a tough, worthy opponent, no doubt.)

They can't help it. That's how these misogynist fossils think (who can forget Republican turtle/ human hybrid Sen. Mitch "Missy" McConnell's jab at Sen. Warren's temerity, "Nevertheless, she persisted"?). We saw it most recently in the performance of the geriatric Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee desperate to ram Brett "KavaNut" Kavanaugh through the confirmation process.

What a collection of frightened little men the rotted out Republican party has become.

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