Friday, October 26, 2018

Tweets Of The Day -- #MAGAbomber

Social media, ever vigilant:

And, in the "is our media learning" category, we can definitely say "nah!" (This, from one of the targets of #MAGAbomber!!):


donnah said...

Trump resumed the fiery rhetoric this evening in Charlotte. He is incapable of listening to advice and he will always do whatever he wants, regardless of how many lives he endangers, how many people he insults or hurts. He is going to burn it down. He is going to, with the help of his Nazi pals, burn democracy to the ground. He knows the Republicans won't stop him. They may have second thoughts, but they'll back him. He makes them rich and he feeds his right wing crazies who keep voting them in.

He would get reelected in a heartbeat. I'm glad we're having midterms, not a presidential election. If we can't at least put a lid on the House, we're in deep trouble.

I'm not giving up hope, but a Trump believer just tried to assassinate twelve Democratic representatives. Inspired by the same rhetoric that Trump spews every day, fueled by anger and lies, he was able to make viable threats that could have killed people. Thank god he was an ineffective bomb-maker, because otherwise we'd be missing key leaders and voices of sanity.

We need help. There is even more riding on the midterms.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - saw clips of the Charlotte rally, and he's basically giving cover to the red hat nuts, signaling that whatever they do to defend him/attack his enemies is ok. You're right, he'd burn our country down just to defend his worthless ass.