Wednesday, January 16, 2019

As The Door Hits Him, Christie Has Some Thoughts

George Washington Bridge traffic controller and former blowhard governor of New Jersey Chris "Krispykreme" Christie is getting some things off his stomach chest in his book that's coming out on January 29, "Let Me Finish," as reported in Axios. In it, he blasts the inner circle of corrupt Kremlin asset Donald "Rump" Trump as a collection of "amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons — who were hustled into jobs they were never suited for, sometimes seemingly without so much as a background check via Google or Wikipedia," something that Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman can agree with. Christie focuses on his arch-nemesis, Rump son-in-law and grifter Jared "Mr. Ivanka Trump" Kushner, whom he believes blackballed him from the Rump regime because Christie put Kushner's father behind bars when he was a U.S. Attorney:
"Once Steve Bannon started unburdening himself ... in his Trump Tower office, he couldn’t seem to stop. 'The kid’s been taking an ax to your head with the boss ever since I got here,'he blurted out. 'It’s been constant. He never stops. Ancient bitterness, I guess.'

In Bannon-speak, the KID is only one person. Not Donald Jr. Not younger son Eric. Not Ivanka or Tiffany. The kid is Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump and the son of the real estate developer Charles Kushner, a man I once sent to prison."
After actively campaigning for Rump in 2016, Christie was expecting to get a Cabinet position, but didn't make it past a brief stint as Rump's transition chief. Now, he's settling scores, and we're bringing the popcorn. As for his book, he's chosen the right title, because he's finished.


donnah said...

Christie, like so many other discarded Trump wannabees, keeps trying to be relevant. He sealed his own fate a long time when he vacationed on the private beach while public beaches were closed down. And the Closing of the Bridge fiasco, too, helped.

So I won't be reading his sad sack story, because I suspect he'll bitch and moan about how he was treated and he may share some terrible things that Trump has done, but in the final chapters I bet he won't condemn Trump completely, just in case he might get another shot at Buttkisser General.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- He should be dead politically with his lousy history. Maybe he'll wind up at some fairly obscure law / lobbying firm where he can contemplate his downfall at his leisure.