Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mid-Week Twofer Songs

Today marks a big anniversary in rock music: the last time the Beatles performed in public was fifty years ago today. They serenaded a crowd from the rooftop of Apple on Savile Row on January 30, 1969. Here's one of the three songs they played (the other two being "Get Back" and "I've Got A Feeling"), "Don't Let Me Down".

The extraordinarily talented Jason Isbell is known not only for his great musicianship, but also his social conscience. We wanted to share his recent performance of "White Man's World" with brilliant mandolinist Chris Thile. We're hearing echoes of Neil Young in Isbell's voice, too.
"I’m a white man living on a white man’s street
I’ve got the bones of the red man under my feet
The highway runs through their burial grounds
Past the oceans of cotton
I’m a white man looking in a black man’s eyes
Wishing I’d never been one of the guys
Who pretended not to hear another white man’s joke
Oh, the times ain’t forgotten"


FelineMama said...

THANKS for The Beatles video. Bittersweet memories. (John & George) DAMMINT!! How I wish I had a "way back machine"!

Hackwhackers said...

FM -- YES, us too! Thanks for coming back.