Friday, April 26, 2019

Poll: Trump Slump In Ohio

Offered with the usual caveat that we're 18 months from the 2020 election, Ohio is winnable:
Ohio is a toss-up for the 2020 presidential election, and the Democrats have a good chance to take the pivotal state if they can focus on the right issues and put forward the right candidate. Those are among the findings of the recent “Northern Poll” conducted by Ohio Northern University. [snip]

The recent Northern Poll shows that 50 percent of Ohioans are dissatisfied with how Trump is handling his job as president, compared to 35 percent being satisfied and 15 percent who are neutral. [snip]
Another warning sign for Trump can be seen when respondents were asked who they would support for president if the election were to be held right now. Forty-one percent said they would support a Democrat, 34 percent would support Trump, and the rest were either unsure or said they would support neither party.
Even within the GOP, Trump’s support is measured, with 36 percent of Republicans preferring that another Republican candidate challenge Trump in the primary. Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the top choice as a challenger.
Oh, and the Mueller report?
“The survey indicates that a plurality of voters looks at the Mueller report favorably, and this poll was taken before the release of the full report. My sense is that the credibility of the report has probably grown some since then, which will likely add to concerns over Trump’s leadership. So, although Trump dodged collusion charges from the report, his already-damaged image may have taken some more hits.”


Jimbo said...

Sad, yes, but also inevitable. Trump has nowhere to go but down because he's become a paranoid, raving. shambling wreck who is degenerating daily.

donnah said...

Ohio girl here, born and raised. I despise our governor, Senile Mike Dewine, but love our Senator, Sherrod Brown. All is not lost! I'm discouraged by the power wielded by the Religious Right in the state, but I'm hopeful that the rubes who believed Trump would save them will truly wake up and know he's the liar we all said he is.

I'll do my best to make Ohio blue again.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Jimbo & donnah -- may our hopes come true...