Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pic Of The Day: Where Is Everybody?

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Tea Party Trumper Gov. Matt Bevin (R-Kain-tuck) has the distinction of being the most unpopular governor in America, with support at roughly 32%.  So the flailing Governor thought he'd call in the cavalry to get the red cap cult out to one of his rallies, and Trump crime family underboss "Greasy" Donald Jr. answered the call. The "rally" was held today in Pikeville, KY and the sad turnout reminded one of Trump Sr.'s bigly Inauguration Day fizzle.

When it became apparent that the crowd could fit in a few minivans, organizers herded the sparse true believers closer to the stage, presumably where they could be sprayed by Greasy Don's spittle.

So much winning!

(photo: Ryland Barton, Kentucky Public Radio)

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