Tuesday, October 22, 2019

QOTD -- Send A Powerful Message

I believe that if Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, act to remove this president, a new powerful message would be sent to governments and people around the globe, just like the one that went out in 1974: Moral principles still matter in American politics and policy. And the future still belongs to moral truth and to those who embrace it.” --  Former Russian foreign minister (1990-96) Andrei Kozyrev, in the New York Times today (no Times link-- paywall).


donnah said...

He's right, and I assume that he speaks for a lot of other countries who have watched in shock and dismay as their former allies in the US have failed them.

We just have to pull together, stand up for our Constitution and our rights as citizens, and get this monster and his co-conspirators out of office. It may take a fire hose and gallons of bleach, but we must remove all of them. We face battles on multiple fronts, but we have a lot of friendships and alliances to rebuild and that won't happen until our house is clean.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- you're right. The unknown quantity is whether our allies will ever fully trust us again -- since we "elected" a Trump once, what's to keep it from happening again?

Frank Wilhoit said...

He may be right, but, not being himself an American, he has no standing to say these things. It is not his business. If it were, it would also be the business of those Russians (or whomever) who would say the opposite -- and we see where that has got us.

It is also not a question of "standing up for the Constitution" becuase it is the 1787 Constitution that has failed. It was abrogated not later than 1950 and has not been in office since. It must be swept aside and replaced with something utterly different.

"It's the unaccountability, stupid."

W. Hackwhacker said...

Frank -- he has "standing" as a citizen of our world, whose life is affected by the destructive dolt in the White House -- perhaps not to the extent of the Kurds, the immigrant children in cages, or the Hong Kong protestors being gassed and shot, all of whom might not have standing as Americans, but who have a legitimate viewpoint.

We'd love to see some things revisited in the Constitution, starting with the Electoral College!