Thursday, December 26, 2019

Poll: 55 Percent Support Removing Trump

The MSN daily tracking poll as of today shows the highest percentage yet favoring removal of malicious moron Donald "Impeachable Me" Trump from office:  55 percent (click on image to enlarge):

Note the dramatic swing on or about December 19 in favor of removal.  We wonder what happened on or about that date...  oh, right, the shitgibbon was impeached by the Constitution- supporting Democrats in the House of Representatives.  Impeachment was no longer a gleam in our eyes; it was now just over 8 pages of clearly argued rationale organized into two Articles of Impeachment.

What else might be responsible for the shift over the past week?  We think it might be Republican Senate leader Moscow Mitch McConnell's pronouncement that the shitgibbon would be quickly acquitted in a kangaroo court made up of his fellow rotted- out Republican lickspittles.  Apparently, that isn't going over so well with more and more of the American people.  Even the most casual neutral observer must be thinking: "If Trump's innocent why don't they want to have witnesses and documents to prove it?  What are they hidingWhy the bum rush?"

Speaker Pelosi and Democrats are in control and gaining public support, regardless of Republican spin to the contrary and the dutiful stenographers in the media who report that spin as fact. This is the "will of the American people," that you so hear often twisted into a Trump- favorable narrative.  This is the peril facing Trump and Republicans, not Democrats, heading into 2020.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Trump can't jive... 55!

One hand in the DoD budget and one in the Kremlin, Da!
Well, there's too much crimes, I can't pass, Nyet!
So I tried my best illegal move
Well, baby, Schiff and Pelosi came and touched my groove again!

Gonna write me up some Impeachment jive
Post my face in Impeachment Archives
Take my Presidency, all that Grift
I can't jive 55! Oh Nyet!

W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene -- can't top that! ;-)