Friday, February 14, 2020

Who Knew William Barr Was A Corrupt Bullshit Artist?!

We should know Attorney General Trump attorney William "Low" Barr is a lying bullshit artist from his various performances on his client's behalf (the Mueller report bullshit "summary," the bad faith "investigations" of the origins of the Russia probe and the Bidens, weasel performances before Congress, etc.), so most thinking people weren't fooled by his latest trick:

HuffPo, among others, has curated some responses to his performance.  Here are a few, starting with the former chairman of the RNC:

Barr is a true believer, who's been shown to be willing to blow up his own reputation in service of Trumpism and, beyond that, of an extremist religious philosophy that considers Trump its defender against "progressive secularism."

It's a measure of the willingness to believe anything this rotted out regime feeds them that so much of the "mainstream media" reported this story as that of a principled man standing up for the Justice Department against Trump's interference and abuse of power.  These are the credulous defenders of our democracy?  As Joe Lockhart says, please.

BONUS:   Look at the sub- headline of the lead story this morning in the should- know- better- by- now Washington Post --

"Assertion of Justice Dept. Independence", my ass! 

The New York Effing Times follows suit --


donnah said...

Barr is devious and as greedy as his fellow criminal, Donald Trump. This fake pushback is obvious to anyone with a brain, so Trump followers and the media in general will immediately think Barr is actually standing up for the DOJ. Those of us who still have working brain cells know better. Barr is Trump's bagman and will not criticize or fight him on anything. Period.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- right. And it certainly doesn't fool the career staff at DOJ who know what they have in their "Attorney General": a shameless Trump hack.

Anonymous said...

Religion has always been troubled by the question of exactly how much evil an individual is allowed to commit in pursuit of a greater good.

The answer Barr gives is that you commit to a cause and go all-in. Lie, cheat, steal are all countenanced if it is 'for a good cause'. Given time I suspect that rape and murder will be acceptable, assuming he has plausible deniability, and doesn't have to get his own cloven hooves dirty.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Anon -- Yes, in Barr's case, it seems his true dogma is Machiavelli's "the end justifies the means." That's some warped theology there.