Saturday, March 28, 2020

CDC Warns About Trump's COVID-19 "Cures"

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, sociopath and mentally unstable Donald "Moron Vector" Trump has been the single most prolific purveyor of lies, misinformation, deflection, and ignorance in his briefings / Nuremberg rally substitutes and on social media. Instead of letting the public health experts run the briefings, he insists on hi-jacking them to try to give the impression that he knows what the hell he's doing. He doesn't. That was most apparent in a deadly fashion when he got out over his skis on the chemical hydroxychloroquine, which he touted as a therapeutic (he equated it with "cure"), and other medicines that haven't undergone testing for COVID-19 purposes.

Today, the CDC had to remind his gullible cult that believes everything he says that products containing chloroquine phosphate, which is used for aquariums, should not be ingested:

When he's not proposing to spread the disease through encouraging people to resume their social lives and business, he's pushing quack remedies from who knows what source (Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, greedy billionaires?). At least one person has already died, and more people will die if they listen to that dangerous fool.

(photo: Is Trump considering relaxing the "clean hands" advisory too?)

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